Very precise part,for flow measure meters

Custom Solution

Most crystals in our catalog can be custom made and fabricated to your specification. In fact, a most of customers require custom size, and other specifications when they are ordering crystals from us.

We do not require a minimum quantity for custom manufacturing. We will accept any jobs regardless of sizes. From a single proto-typing design unit to volume production.

No Minimum Quantity Requirement

Low Cost is Our Competitive Advantage

Custom Coating
We have in house coating can provide a wide variety of basic as well as advanced coatings according to design requirements:

1. Single Layer MgF2 Anti-Reflectance Coatings

2. Multilayer Anti-Reflectance Coatings


Please send us your specifications to us via email or fax for free quote and technical consultation.




Custom made AR coated sapphire components for light guide

Custom made various Sapphire Components

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