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Sapphire, Ruby, AR Coated can be supplied with drilled holes, ground into hemispheres, drum lenses and AR coated to minimize reflection for optical applications

Meet the standard of AFBMA,Grade 5 to grade 25

Applications:  fiber optics, flow meters,rotameters, metrology, bar code readers, check valves (ball and seat), wear surfaces.




Diameter: F0.80 ~ F12.00mm(sapphire), Max deviation of diameter: ±0.00127
Diameter: F0.60 ~ F8.00mm(r
uby), Max deviation of diameter: ±0.00127

Technical Index

Material: Synthetic sapphire/ruby (a-Al2O3)=99.99%
Tolerance of Diameter: 0.00125mm
Surface roughness: Rz0.1
Roundness: 10Grade~50 Grade
Surface quality S/D: 40/20

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